• Daron S.

    ESP Vs LTD Elite

    I am looking at getting a new guitar. Trying to decide between the Horizon NT-II or the LTD Elite Horizon III. Just wondering if anyone out there has had experience with both on sound and quality. I play Metallica, Alice in Chains, Megadeth, Classic Rock and only like passive pickups. I like the looks of the Horizon III better but also want the more versital guitar. I currently have 2 EC 1000 deluxe models one with Duncan's and one with Dimarzio's and love them. Just looking for some opinions since there is no place within 150m of me that carries these for me to try.

    • exhibit-sbt

      I would ignore whatever pickups are with it and just look for the best used deal on forums or ebay.  Likely you will find NT-II's at better grabs than LTD elites simply because there are more on the used market.

    • Road King

      Both feel and play very similar IMO, so it really just comes down to buying based on looks.

    • Blake

      Well, they'd both be manufactured in the same place - the quality would be comparable. And ESP neck profiles are of a fairly typical shape/dimensions across most models, so if you like one, you can be fairly certain you'll like another, barring things like signature models (some of the Lynch models have different dimensions, etc). I'd say your best bet is to have a good think about which shape or finish you like the look of best, which shape and layout of controls would suit you, and which one you can get the best deal on. After getting my first Eclipse I CTM way back in 2005, I bought another 4 ESPs over the next few years, having not tried any of them prior to making a purchase, and I haven't yet been disappointed. Their consistency is...well, consistent. 

    • Daron S.

      Thank you to all who commented. I called and got the last non tremolo LTD Elite Horizon III in the US warehouse. They already quit making this model. Im guessing that they will replace it with a new modle that will be built in the new California factory.