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    Bands You Are Attending/Band Review Thread

    Ill bring this back from the previous incarnation of the board.

    Ive just seen Nickelback & Skillet at The Hydro in Glasgow. Flameproof Suit is on!!!

    After seeing Nickelback, who put on a fucking great and brilliant show, as Sam Dunn said on Metal Evolution, you need to see Nickelback to get them, he is right. Like them or not, the show is what they do well, and its one of the best shows ive been to, also one of the less rough shows ive been to as well as i seem to have a chequered past of shows that were rough as hell.

    Nickelback help the crowd in more ways than noe, they helped a guy propose to his girlfriend, and welcomed him to the club. Also after the first song of thgeir encore, they stoped the show to help guys who got knocked out at the front middle out of the crowd. Chad Kroger is a decent guy in my opinion for this, many bands would have carried on regardless. Band were taken aback when us Scotts decided to chant, "Here We - Here We - Here We Fucking Go" during show!

    I was 4 to 5 rows out and got a great view of the bands, untill this drunken git and his friend in their late 40s who has had his face pasted a few times decided they wanted my space and the 6 lassies i met at the show (sadly no numbers) decided to spill beer on us for the second half of Skillet.

    Skillet, yes a Christian Rock band supporting a Nickelback show, were damned good, equally as good as Shinedown who i saw 5-6 weeks ago at the Alter Bridge gig a t the same venue. Skillet have a good drummer, and she is hot too, she hits herself in the face quite a bit tho with a drum stick! Id see them again quite happily.



    1. Animals 
    2. Woke Up This Morning 
    3. Photograph 
    4. Something in Your Mouth 
    5. Savin' Me (featuring Timmy!)
    6. Far Away (dedicated to couple in front row who got engaged after previous song / featuring Timmy!)
    7. Too Bad 
    8. Someday (featuring Timmy!)
    9. If Today Was Your Last Day 
    10. Rockstar 
    11. When We Stand Together 
    12. Drum Solo 
    13. Gotta Be Somebody 
    14. Lullaby (featuring Timmy!)
    15. Figured You Out 
    16. How You Remind Me 
    17. Encore:
    18. Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting (Elton John cover) (Ryan on lead vocals)
    19. Burn It to the Ground 


    1. Whispers in the Dark (With String Intro)
    2. Hero 
    3. Sick of It 
    4. Awake and Alive (With String Intro)
    5. The Last Night 
    6. Guitar Solo 
    7. Circus for a Psycho 
    8. Not Gonna Die 
    9. Monster 
    10. Rebirthing 

    The bad thing about the night was the 45 minutes it took to leave the car park! That blew donkey balls.

    Now, i need to plan my next show. I might make it Halestorm for the second time, or just wait to see who will play The Hydro next that i like.

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