• RZK Spieler

    attn: im a lunatic!

    If you see me impersonating a moderater, talking crazy, just know that is is me, RZK. Former banned member. I'm unstable, so please bear with me while I work through my tantrum! Sorry for the inconvenience.

    By the way, Omess gave me a little email loophole tip. I know how to circumvent the registration process (at least for now). So if you get banned for being a nuisance, head over to his tree fort and he'll fill you in. It's awesome! The whole world gets to see your instability, it's a hoot! 


    Sorry for ratting you out Omess. Hope you don't get 'rebanned' with me...

    • Beto

      I have all the due respect to homosexual people. Some friends from childhood and college have found it to be the way they could be happy and feel complete at their lives, and I believe everyone is free to go this way if this is what they need to in order to feel better. Also, I have very good friends - at work, for example - who are gay and I can take it without any problems.


      But... considering what happened to your PSA thread and, above all, the reasons you've presented here explaining why that thread was deleted, I have to ask: you guys aren't trolling us, are you?


      I reallly believe this is not the case, but the way you told the history makes it seeming like a joke. I mean, do you really think we should know about you and another admin being lovers? It's not forum members' business, regardless of the gender of this admin. It doesn't help at all when the idea is to be serious and respectfull regarding this subject.

    • Ozzfun

      Jeff, thank you very much for bravely telling us a bit about yourself. One element of the old forums you may not be aware of is that many of the longtime members (10 years + members of the forum), such as omess, prp, and myself, have been constantly advocating for a much more gay-friendly forum. I think you'll find that many of the people here will strongly support you for your honesty and respect you for coming out in what you see as a hostile environment.

      Because we're being open, I think you should know that the old forum wasn't "all bad." Many of us have known each other for more than ten years; and when push comes to shove we've been known to come together as a community through many of life's special moments, tragedys, etc. Please understand that many longtime members are just feeling a general push to move them out with all of the rules that are being drafted in each new topic. Your new post about guitar companies is one that sticks out for me. I thought you were joking at first when you said we can't mention other guitar brands. The reason is because we have a tradition of posting all of our guitars as a community. Longtime members actually know each others' collections and we talk about our gear constantly. Another tradition we had was that we would post "family shots"... pictures of all of our guitars in one shot. It would be a shame if we could only discuss our ESP guitars. Discussing other brands doesn't mean we love ESP any less.

      In the spirit of talking openly and honestly, I hope you will consider my points. You are asking for acceptance in this thread, and you totally deserve acceptance (you've most certainly gained my respect). Please don't feel like there is a stigma to the old board and its members, and consider the fact that we've built strong relationships and traditions over the length of over a decade... all united by our love for the ESP brand. Notice that you will never hear a user say a single bad thing about our original mod (Dave), because he worked to foster a positive relationship with the board and he became a part of our many traditions. I plan to stick around (assuming I'm not banned like many of the other longtime members have been), and I hope we could maintain some of the best parts of the old community while we establish the norms and traitions of this new one.

      Thank you for reading, and thank you for setting a strong example for any other gay youth who may be posting. Your post is a step forward for the ESP board.

    • Blake

      I've been here nearly ten years, all I can say is; you're brave. Stupid, but brave. You have my respect. Now let me post a 5 instrument NGD thread (zero ESPs in this one - sorry) to celebrate and break the new forum in.

    • Beto

      I also thought the prohibition about mentioning other brands was a step back. I honestly used to believe ESP guitars, as a brand, wouldn't feel threatened by any other brand after all those years of solid reputation. Its guitars are as good as it gets, but they are not the only ones available. Unless by force of a contract, one that can afford a collection of guitars shouldn't be forced to ditch his or her non-ESP guitars away, and nor be forbiden from talking about them. There are more than enough space at our hearts for good gear, and more than enough love for all the good guitars. 


      It would make sense if you asked us not to write bad things about ESP guitars - although it's still too radical IMHO. For example, if we need to pay at least $2,000 for an entry level ESP, it's reasonable to believe that LTDs and/or Elites, being less expensive, aren't perfect guitars - if all of them were perfect, shouldn't they all cost the same? The same comparison could be taken about the higher level stuff: if one has to go Custom Shop to reach the Nirvana, isn't it reasonable to expect that some people won't find what they expected to in the standard series?


      Honestly, I don't see such things as offensive. I hope you sleep on Ozzfun's words so that a good agreement on this subject can be found.

    • Powerslave

      Can somebody sum up what the fu*k happened here today? First time logging in and I don't understand what is going on.


      who's banned, what can't we say? and why can't I mention my Gibson and Jackson along with ESP products? 

    • Joey Spirito

      Heavy shit man. Write a song about it. Always makes me feel better

    • metalhobo

      oh no, not another case of internet misattribution. what are we to do?

    • Road King

      I have no clue what is going on either, but the new Mod is coming out as gay first on a forum and not IRL? Is this real life? I need a confused smiley more than ever right now.


      Edit: Strong troll, OP. Masterful troll is masterful.

    • Powerslave

      didn't know RZK had a little brother. We have to admit, it is very telling that many people thought it was real.........

    • Derrick B.

      Why is it not only possible, but easy, to post as another member, and everyone believes it?


      I think that shows a major flaw in the design of this forum.


      You lot are a good bunch of guys. I'm at least glad to see that.

    • Road King

      Bless you OP for returning lulz to the masses. These are dark times and you are nothing less than a knight. Shining. And lol @ Ozzfun's reply.

    • Derrick B.

      Okay, don't you think it's a little dishonest to post under someone else's name?



    • Road King

      Why does RZK keep getting banned? Does ESP USA not support our nation's veterans? (srs question)

      P.S. Lol @ the Mods 'mirin the CFE.

    • Dave R.

      Ugh, it's like early ezboard all over (dreamtheater/BC/Ryan). I'm gonna enlist Peyton here in a minute. Guys, help me keep it copasetic, please...

    • Dr. West

      A new era of drama arises for fall 2013. If all the old members were here and the reply function wasn't nested, it would actually be kind of fun.