• Vedran P.

    Edwars guitars

    Hi ppl!

    Does anyone have any experience with Edwards guitars? If you do, please share, I'm thinking of getting one and never in my life had I played one, let alone seen one in action so every comment is helpful


    • Mat D.

      Great guitars and great quality.

      I had an explorer Edwards (E-EX-110D), great axe!
      The Edwards guitars are a high quality copies of legendary beauties, but are built specifically for the Japanese market (No copyrights problems)
      Even if belong to the ESP group, they are different, because usually Edwards mounted Gotoh bridge and Seymour Duncan pickup, not the classic EMG...
      In my opinion is a good choice.



    • Vedran P.

      thnx man

    • mulysa

      I just got my Edwards EX-110D recently and it is awesome. Ive been wanting an esp/edwards/ltd explorer my whole life and now i got it. The Seymour Duncan Blackout is awesome and i like the tone a lot. Kinda lil' bit different if compared to the EMG 81 in my ESP KH-2. It use mahogany for body and neck and the sound is heavy.

      The discontinued model EX-125E is using EMG81. Apart from the pickup, everything is similar to EX-110D.


      But i wonder does the body shape of EX-110D is exactly similar to EXP/MXII ?

    • Vedran P.


      Unfortunately, I didn't get that Les Paul :(.., some guy offered more money than me :/

      Ah well.., buying ESP or LTD then..., w8ing for Xmas discounts

    • Mojow jojow

      i wish i could have one