• Eet Fuk

    Modeling Amplifiers

    I just bought my new Peavey Vypyr 1 100W modeling amp with a Sanpera 1 foot pedal... it works really nice, altough I have a few problems with its software and sound. Maybe we could discuss these and many other things related with modeling amps, amp emulation and so on. 

    • Eet Fuk

      So now then

      I own a MH-100QMNT and a Vypyr 100 modeling amp. If I use the clean channels, I always hear a slight or strong buzz, depending on which of the clean amp emulations I am using, which is quite annoying - so I cannot use the clean chanels properly, there is always that hairy noise... Once I've tried it with a Cort Les Paul, a guitar with a weaker output than mines, and it was a lot better - but not completely all right. So I suppose, the problem should be found in the modeling amp. One of my friends said, he owned a few, and each of it produced this buzz.

      On the second hand, the amp freezes, and I have to restart it, just like a PC, but this thing does not annoy me that much. 

      Ha s anyone heard about modeling amps producing a slight or even harder buzz? Or is this just my problem? 

    • Pushead

      Does the amp buzz when there is no guitar plugged into it?  That will let you know if the problem comes from the amp or from the guitar.  If it's the amp, I'd contact Peavey's customer support.

    • Vedran P.

      I use a Line 6 LD400.., one of my amps, mostly used for band practices.., anyway.., never had a problem with it or the software.., and software is pretty easy to use.., as for vyper, a friend has it, and it's awsome.., as far as the software goes, he says it's as easy to use as Line6's is..,

      As for those buzzez.., add a noise gate of some sort.., if you had a normal amp (not a modelling) you'd also had hums, hisses and buzzes.., and you'd need to buy a pedal.., in your vyper you already have an option to add it to your channel.., try that ;)

    • matt b.

      I have the same head and I only use it for recording and with headphones at night. I tinkered with it for some time but never got the sound I was looking for, IMO it just has WAY too many options, who needs all that? I bought a Blackstar HT Metal 100 and theres no going back.............................ever!

      • Vedran P.

        well, there's certainly no comparisson between high quality tube amps and modeling amps, that's for sure, but if one's on a budget peavy vypyr is not the worst thing one can take :D

    • matt b.

      True there is no compairing the 2 amps. The Peavey is a good amp, I just could never find my sound. It does sound pretty good with headphones on, almost like it tightens things up with them on.