• StimoS

    Building a rig need help

    Hey guys. So I have been out of the loop for a long time and am looking to upgrade my gear. I have a couple restrictions if you will, 1 being when setting up a pedal rig, i want to use my mods effects and wah through the loop and drives and wah thru the front. Also I want to keep this rig simple but at the same time be able to program channel switching with patches.

    Anyway, I play thru a marshall mode four right now and have had it for years.. Its been great but soon enough I am going to purchase something new. I played the new engl retro 100 and loved it. Anyways, since im currently playing, and I have sold all my old pedals, what are my options for quality multi effects that in future will be capable of channel switching and running a 4 cable method? Currently i will run it thru the marshall but i will not be able to channel switch because of how the mode four is set up.

    PS sorry for spelling im in a rush to leave for work and really wanted to get this thread up.

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