• El Jefe

    Used Jcm900 50w or new Jet city 50w???

    both go for about the same price, the Jet city head would be new. No one has one around for me to try out but I have a line on a 50w JCM900 head for $550 that I'll be able to try first. Help a brother out! Which would you go for and why?

    • deus ex machina

      Which JCM900 is it? The Dual Reverbs get some pretty bad reputation. The SL-X's get OK-ish reviews.

      I'm not sure which JCM900 I tried, but I thought that it was one of the worst amps I've ever heard. Barely any low end at all and such ear-piercing, fizzy, harsh highs.

    • El Jefe

      ya it's a dual reverb, im not a huge fan of them but they do the marshall thing pretty good. SL-X's are hard to find it seems (not looking to ship an amp, plus i really want to try before i buy) it's not on craigslist anymore so ehh oh well. I'll hold out for a jcm800 if i can

    • jet66

      I had a Dual Reverb JCM 900 combo, 50 watts, for a while. Not a fan. On the darker side, but similar gain territory, have you ever tried a Carvin Legacy? It does everything I liked that a Marshall does, but with a lot less brightness. You can still make it plenty bright, but I was hard pressed to get a lot of Marshalls and clones to go dark enough without getting muddy or dull. Looks like you can pick them up used pretty cheap, too. I got mine new for just over $800, but I think they only make the Legacy II now.

      I have not played the jet City stuff, but I almost think I would buy one without trying. The comparisons to the Soldano Avengers and 'poor man's SLO' make it tempting.

    • Zilla

      Jet City! unless the JCM was a SL-X those things sound fucking great.

    • El Jefe

      thanks for the input guys! I'm gonna wait and save up some more, there is a mint '86 2204 half stack on craigslist for $1700 obo, if it's still available when I have that much I'll def be looking at it. Or maybe the jet citys will go on sale before then, or maybe a carvin will show up on craigslist.

    • Nicholas S.

      I bought the 20 watt version, and so far I like it pretty well. The controls are fairly straight forward and it's pretty easy to dial in

    • chrisolson

      Jet City. Way more usable tones.

    • captcoolaid

      Jet City unless you want to Mod the JCM.