• garyjfoster

    Boss hm-2

    Does anyone use or own one of these pedals? Do you like it or don't like it?

    • antipole

      Great pedal for what it is. What I don't is the buzzsaw is hard to control the variety out of the pedal itself. Probably it might help if there is an EQ or other pedal units to help, though I have never tried that.

      • garyjfoster

        it's great for that swedish death metal sound...bands like entombed and dismember and for current bands like rotten sound and fatalist use them...... i currently have 3 of them i got off of a friend and 2 off of craigslist for cheap since they didnt know what they are worth....they can go for up to 120 to 140 dollars on ebay....this pedal however was my first distortion pedal in 1986 when i was 10....but my original broke somehow many years ago and i tossed it....that was fucking stupid of me...but at least i got it back again..

    • BloodJunkie

      $30 is a great price, I would say average price used is $60 - 70. I have two them but don't really use them that much, only to get the swedish death metal sound which it's great for of course. Mostly use the metal zone pedal.

      • cecilbag

        I picked it up at Kay Dee music in Wautoma, WI the owner Dominic and I do alot of buisness and he gives me pretty good deals. I do like the tightness of the gain on this pedal, its a cool tone for sure. I think it sounds better through my bandit 65 practice amp than through my tube amps, how do you use it?

    • Feraledge

      If you want the old Entombed sound, get it. Plain and simple. That's ALL it's going to do, but if that's what you are looking for, it's the only legit way to get it.