• wiseblood

    Bugera 333!!

    Well I Just Got This Amp Delivered A Little While Ago, I Am Probably Gonna Get Flamed For This By All You Dudes, But For Those Interested. Unfortuneately I Do Not Have Time To Put It Thru Its Paces Right At The Moment, But I Plugged It In To My Peavey 2X12 Loaded With Eminence Texas Heats, And Used The F400FM. The Cleans Are Absolutely Fantastic,The Reverb Sounds Pretty Good As Well, Love It, Cannot Wait To Try My MXR Stereo Chorus With It. The Crunch And Lead Channels Are Gonna Take Some Work. Did Not Get Into Them A Whole Lot Yet, But There Is Definetly Potential. Well The Only Reason I Picked One Of These Up Is AMS Has The 3 Monthly Payment Plan On It, So I Have Only Payed 187 Bucks So Far, And Also They Have The Extra Year Warranty On It. It Seems To Be Made Pretty Well, The Footswitch Is Ok, However Time Will Tell. Will Put Some Pictures Up When I Can, Gotta Go!!!:cool:

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