2008...plan to get lot of gears?

After seeing the new esp models and namm and all...you guys gonna buy a lot of new guitar gears this year? Its gonna be my biggest year since i started guitar. Planning to completely change my rig. gonna get: -Engl E670 EL34 head -Engl 4x12 V30 cab -Esp seethru black NINJA or the camo haneman sig -Esp edwards Kiko Loureiro both blue and black one(gonna put emg's in the black one) -cheap cam to take pics of those^ Im pretty much putting half this year income into gearz. Living in the parents house FTW! :lol
chevy Z 302

I've got plans, just gotta get stuff moved.

I want to (most likely)

sell engl pb and buy a CAA od100 or od50

buy a gibson R8 in the dark color

then either a combo of a taylor 414ce acoustic and that pink fender esquire relic or strat or...

a tyler, my moms about got me convinced to order a tyler. :lol

i want to finish my pedal board, a few more stuff to get including all the hardware and such to wire it. Then i'll be pretty damn happy, but broke.

oh and i need a new car in this whole mess. Spending 6k on 2 guitars isnt a good thought for me but i may have a way. No im not selling drugs or selling my body on the street. Although...



mhens, thanks, that's what i'm kinda hoping will happen. :)
but i definitely have loved my ub so it really will have to out-do it.

No im not selling drugs or selling my body on the street. Although......i do work at a pharmacy, and i just bought that 110lb weightlifting set at Sears.

did i mention lately how much i fucking hate gaychin? :mad:



I'm thinking a Vader 2x12 cab, a LTD AX-2E, a LTD V-500, a Schecter ATX(?) 6er their new one with the vintage finish (cant decide white or black yet), and hopefully some cool new pedals like a wah and a bbe mindbender.

Unfortunately, I will probably only manage the cab, fx, and one of those guitars this year ----> broke as a joke right now

chevy Z 302

yea a-hole buyin up all these les pauls, dont you know gibson qc is teh suck? I mean srsly, sell me that gibbo.

naaa i think im about to order a r8 from rizzobrrcustom though.

and im calling on a tyler tomorrow, my mom loves it and said she'd help out if i needed it, i have an extra 7k or so from when my grandfather passed. It was given to my parents and they split it up and put it into CD's for a while then my sister and i got them for 'college' so she said if you need to dip into it to get it and thats what you want do it. She loves the look of them so she's all for it. Then that way i have money to still spend without be strapped for cash (ie. gas money) and can still save up.

But if its going to be a year or so i dont know if i can wait. Yes its sort of a custom job but too much could happen in a year or so time. Thusly im pondering that new relic tele and a taylor acoustic. Stupid gas.

Dont you all hate gay chin's as well? I mean they have a cleft in their chin but it goes all side to side, sort of like azn eyez. :p

this post is not directed as a hate speech towards azns or their mad skillz


A TA-600 (hopefully)

Ampeg BA300/(115)(210) (Also hopefully)

Still need 8 months work to pay for it

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