Where do you get your strings?

I usually go to the shop to get strings. I was wondering what websites you all would recommend so I can save a buck or two. Thanks.
chevy Z 302

i order them, places around town are a rip off and they usually dont have things i want to try at decent prices. I dont really buy anything from people in town, occasionally GC for strings or random picks. They dont have what i want to order so i'll be reluctantly placing an order with MF, unless other places have what i want.


i just get one or 2 there just 5 bucks each so w/e. if i needed bulk then i would go internetz

chevy Z 302

theres no way im paying 5 bucks for strings when the net they have em for around 3 or so.

if the people in town werent complete assholes i wouldn't have a problem supporting them. I refuse to though.


I usually use Ernie ball 9-42, but I tried a set of DR tite fit 9-42 strings and they look good, sound good and seem to be holding up fairly well. I'll also use Boomers on occasion. I haven't even seen a set of strings for more than like 5 bucks.


By the way, what brand would be considered an expensive set of strings?


I use DR's 13-56

My local mom and pop music store orders them for me in bulk and puts them on the rack (where no one buys them but me). I always take them off their hands eventually. And I change my strings pretty regularly so they give me a little break on em. Works out pretty well. Before that I always had to call them when I was on my last pack and have them order 4-6 sets for me at a time.

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How good are those musicians choice strings from Guitar center? I bought a bulk pack for just a few dollars at a grand opening of one of their stores.

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