Are Dean Razorbacks any good?

Has anyone here played a Dean Razorback or Razorback V? Are they any good? Are they really worth the price? I know for a fact their extremely overpriced.

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Are they really worth the price?
I know for a fact their extremely overpriced.

Why are you asking then?

Is this a trick?


Why are you asking then?

Is this a trick?

I'm asking because i wanted to know if they were really worth paying all
that money for when the sound and tone isn't even that good.


I played 1 for a while. I liked the V shaped neck, but I didnt like the Dimebucker


IMO I think most deans are overpriced, but the razorback is way overpriced!
It cost over one grand and it comes with a licensed floyd rose and a rosewood fretboard! And I have seen many of them in person and played them and they are decent guitars but are not worth the price tag...

First of all, your a fucking moron. The Rosewood that Dean uses is great quality. Not all licensed floyd roses are bad quality, obviously your a complete n00b. Peavey CUSTOM SHOP USA GUITARS come with lic. Floyd's, and those tremolos are the best one's I've ever played, yes, better than the OFR. Just because the bridge SAYS lic. floyd doesn't AT ALL mean that its bad, that just means its a similar bridge to a OFR so It has to have the license.

I do think that most of the Razorbacks are overpriced, BUT they are great guitars and have great QUALITY. I just depends what kind of guitars you like. People that say OOHH DEAN RU TEH BADZORZ CUZMY LTD PWNZEZEZ THEM!!!! are fucking retards, Dean have just as good quality as ESP's.


Nothing wrong with a rosewood fretboard.


Probably...except for the input placement.


doesn't matter if they're good or expensive

one word: ugly


^+1 :lol


why Do The Usa Razorbacks Have Ebony Fret Boards And Ofr?

Where Did You Come Up With That? Its Not Even In Your Post!


well, im no stranger to the ML shape, having 3 of them and love every part of it - but the razorback was fucking uncomfortable to play largely due to the little spike on the top right of the guitar that angles backward - just dug into my stomach. The two-tone one I played, I was quite disappointed with really. Finish felt majorly thick- almost like a commercial plastic coating on the guitar. Didn't like the general feel of the guitar, but then again - it was a store guitar, they basically all feel like shit until you have them set up. Wasn't a fan of the dimebucker either. My 0.02c


I think that the import Razorbacks should come with a OFR too, the high end ones atleast. As far as the ebony goes, it would be a nice option, but ebonys not technically 'better' then rosewood. It's a matter of preference really. One thing that gets me with the import Deans are, supposably they're not made out of realy mohogany. I'm not sure if this is a proven fact, but from what I know it's not the same kind of mohogany used for other guitars.
I have an import Dean myself, LFR and a rosewood fretboard. I do think the price should be dropped a little bit, but the guitar is a great playing guitar. I like it alot, although it's alot lighter then what you'd think, but all in all it's great. The Razorbacks I've never been to fond of, for some reason they feel uncomfortable. I think it may be because of the top point, near where your wrist sits, it bothers me. Also, some feel cheap like toys wich is a huge turn off, and I don't like the bevels, because for some reason they make the guitar feel to thin to me. I can't argue with the V neck though, I like em'.
USA Deans on the other hand are all around great instrument in my opinion. I've never came across one that didn't feel right or anything, wich isn't something I can say about most guitar companys and there high end guitars.
Just my .02.


I've played a standard Razorback. They're pretty nice. They go for I think 400$ Musicians Friend. The standard Razorback V goes for 799$ also from Musicians Friend. The only ones that are overpriced are the Dimebag signatures.


There all Dime sigs, it's his design.


Go to Dean if you like them so much.

ESP Rules!!!!!!


So I take it if somebody else likes another company other than ESP they're no longer welcome here?

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