Amp for ESP V-500

Hi, I'm a beginner and I'm thinking about getting the ESP V-500. I am looking for some advice on good amps and pedals(if needed) to use on this guitar. I want to achieve a Rammstein, Slayer or Megadeth type of sound and since I'm beginning I will only play in my house or with some friends (so nothing too ear-destroying). Thanks.

Yeah I looked at the Line6 Spider. Some people told me the sound is "too digital". I have no idea what they mean, but it seems like a good deal...


if you're not playing beyond your bedroom, the spider series is great. People who say that it's "too digital sounding" probably aren't taking into consideration that (generally) even if you had a tube amp, it'd suck ass at low volumes (unless you get an attenuator which I don't think you would)


I use a roland cube 15, suprisingly loud and does the metal tone very well.:hat


Yes, I heard the roland cube is pretty good. I guess I'll just have to try them both out.


roland cube, line6 spider is pretty decent too, thats what i'm using for bedroom amp


Ok I guess I'll go with the Line6...unless I find an amp with a sound that suits me better.

Thanks all for your help.


Dude, if you have around $250.00 get a Blackheart. Check out my post, just got one it's the shit!

If you want solid state check out Vox or a Cube (Roland). Or line6 Toneport (Computer) is pretty decent for playing in your haouse/room.


I prefer 3169841651 times the VOX valvetronix over the Spider.... the Spider have the worst distortion modeling what i heard.

The 12AX7 after de Digital/Analog converter into the Vox really makes a difference, the sound is more real than the spider's sound and adds an extra punch to the preamp.

I have a Mesa Boogie Dual Recto and the amp that I would buy for a Room practice definitivly would be a VOX valvetronix.


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