mismatched cabinets?

I currently have a 16ohm 4x12 cabinet with celestion G12T-75's and I want to run one of the new Randall cabs with a 15" speaker as my bottom cab. My only concern is that all the cab's that use the 15 are 8 ohms. My Randall V2 is 2ohm stable and I know that running the two together would be a total load of around 5.3ohms. I have a little electronics background but I have never actually tried this before. Would one cab be louder than the other? Would it cause damage to the amp? Thanks for any insight.

does the amp have a ohm switch on the back,i looked up your amp and its mostly SS
SS amps can deal with odd ohms better then tube amps



if the V2 has a solid state power amp there shouldn't be a problem.

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aslong as the cabs have a higher rating than the amp their wont be a problem if its valve or SS...

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