Epi Valve JR Combo

Hi, Anyone have this set up? I know a few have the head. Wanted to get some input, as I am thinking of buying one. How does it respond (Sound wise) to say a POD XT or ZW Overdrive/distortion? Thanks, Matt

Thanks guy's! Really appreciate the comments/advice. I just went through a long costly divorce. Had to sell almost all of my shit during the past two years! Looking for a nice small (inexpensive) tub head that I can play at low volumes and be happy with. I think I can get the head and cab for around $240.00 from my local guitar shop. Would eventually try and run it through a bigger cab down the road.


I have to combo. the 8" speaker is ok, but nothing great. It sounds much better through something with bigger speakers. I've modded mine as well, nothing special though, just sorting out the grounding, bigger power caps and a switchable 8 Ohm output.
Sounds great on full volume with a Boss DF-2 infront of it.
for the price you can't beat it.


OK, I want one (Head/Cab) anyone got one that they want to get rid of?

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