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Hey guys, My bassist is in need of a new amp. He's not really sure as of what he should be looking at as of right now. We play stuff from Megadeth, old Metallica and Pantera all the way to stuff like Droid, Five Finger Death Punch and Hatebreed. He's not a member here or on hardly any other forums so I figured I'd try to help him out by asking here. He's not looking for anything pricey, so he's trying to get the best he can for his money. I guess say around like $400 or so..? I know it's not much, but it's all he has to work with right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated guys. I'd try helping him, but I don't know shit about bass amps.:p

80s peavey stuff is great look on ebay in pawn shops or the recycler ads built like tanks and very cheap-


He dosn't really care if he has a half stack or a combo as long as it gets him playing. Right now out practice spot isn't to big, say about 30x20 feet big, but once we find a singer we'll be doing shows around here. He has a smaller Roland amp that I accually got given to me a while ago so I let him have it. I don't know when it was made or anything, but that amp is extremely old too. It has about 50 watts all together, but that's not quite enough.


Hope that helps out the situation a little more..


I mentioned it in the first post.. about $400.

(sorry if that came off as me sounding like a cocky dickhead)

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