• Duffy

    Service center checking over new Fender HRD

    I have a new Tweed Hot Rod Deluxe with the Jensen speaker that I'm taking in to the auth. Fender repair shop to get it biased however the tech thinks it will be best for me and he is also going to check all of the solder joints to see if it has any cold solder joints that need to be re done to prevent future problems.

    I never thought about this until I had one of my new guitars set up professionally. I was thinking that a tube amp could probably benefit from some professional set up and with the Hot Rod Deluxe it is recommended that you have the solder joints checked for integrity. I'll let you all know if it makes any difference in the sound with the rebiasing. I'm not sure if I will go lower or higher. I'll discuss it with the guy and find out what is recommended. I'll probably want the lower, less heat producing set up that produces a warmer sound and smooth break up and supposedly better sounding distortion channels. I don't mind the distortion channels now.

    I'm going to ask the guy about changing the volume pot so you don't get instant super loudness between zero and two. The amp is loud and you can't really turn it down because there is no range between silent and quite loud. I hope he can do this without voiding the warranty. Fender should recognize this as a design flaw and cover it under the warranty. Maybe I'll have to call them and try to get them to allow the guy to put in a different type pot so I don't get instant blasting volume. That is why I don't use the amp that much and it is a really neat amp. Maybe if the service center guy changes it out it won't void the warranty.

    Any thoughts?


    A lot of the HRD's have a lot of cold solder joints that crack and come loose and cause problems with the circuit board. It is recommended that you have yours checked out and re soldered if this condition exists.

    The service shop is going to do all the new soldering for now charge under the warranty.

    Hopefully the amp will come back with some preventative maintenance done and biased to give me the best tone.

    Anybody bother having their bias checked or have their solder joints checked and redone on their new Hot Rod Deluxes?