ESP MX250


      ESP Truckster

      LTD Snakebyte 


      This is my James Hetfield inspired rig. Loads of Mesa stuff, one of the Triaxis has a Yellow Lead 2 channel high gain modification (like a MK IIC ++). The Mesa Studio Preamp has a MK IIC+ modification.  

      Roland JC120

      Roland JC77

      Diezel VH4 



      Marshall 1960B V30 4x12

      Mesa Traditional Straight 4x12

      Harley Benton V30 2x12

      I'll splitting up and selling my James Hetfield inspired rig.
      Whole rack together wired ready to go £5000

      Mesa 2:90 Simul Class Power Amp - £600
      Mesa Triaxis V2 £900
      Mesa Triaxis V2 Crunchberries £2000
      (Yellow lead 2 channel high gain mod(Hetfield))
      Mesa High Gain Switcher £550
      Mesa Studio Preamp (MKII C+ mod) £550

      GCX Ground Control Pro System £500
      (Rack and pedal)
      dbx 1074 Quad Gate £150
      TC Electronics G Major £175
      Behringer Multigate Pro £50
      Furman PL PLUS (110Vac) £150

      Also a Diezel VH4 £1700

      All prices are ono.

    • Emy154

      Amazing gear 

    • Emy154

      Where did you get this?

    • ESP 348

      Great stuff there mate. Wish you all the best with the sale.

    • Chris M.


      Fender American Strat 

      Esp Kh2 NTB

      Esp eclipse FR

      Esp Mii Urban Camo


      Boogie Mark V 25 W/ 1x12 Mesa V30 Cab 

      Peavey Vypr VIP2 40watt combo (Really great solid state amp!)


      Zakk Wilde wah 

      Maxon vintage overdrive 

      mxr chorus & phaser


    • Jshannon3


      ESP E2 M2 Urban Camo Guitars 2 of em’

      ESP/LTD MH330FMFR 

      Ibanez RGR320SP 3 of em’(for sale)



      Marshall JVM410H 

      MX412A/B Cabinets

      Marshall Code 50 modeling amp



      Jim Dunlop wah

      Boss chromatic tuner pedal

      Boss compressing sustainer pedal

      Boss PS 6 Harmonist pedal

      Digitech Death Metal pedal

      Boss Flanger pedal

      Boss Super Chorus pedal

      Boss Digital Delay pedal

      Boss EQ pedal 7 band

      Digitech RP 1000

      TC Electronics Iron Curtain noisegate 

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