Looking for a new amp

Hello I posted a thread earlier asking about a crate vs a line 6. I'm still going toward the line 6, but I've heard ups and downs on both sides. So on this post, can anyone tell me a good amp for $500-$600. Any model, any brand. Just want some opinions on a good amp for a metal guitarist. Much appreciated

used 5150, 6505?


used 5150, 6505?



Mix up some ABS shavings and acetone, let dissolve to a goop. Fill, let it dry and shape with a razor blade and sandpaper.

Just tried it on my LPC, works great.

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You can get a all tube Randall combo amp for $550 brand new that will destroy crap I mean crate and line 6.


get a crate blue voodoo!!!!!


Marshall JCM900 or DSL50
Peavey 5150 (Metal Staple)
Crate Blue Voodoo
Carvin MTS100
I've heard the old Carvin X Series is pretty good for metal. I haven't played one yet though but thats what I hear.

Solid State:
Any Marshall, Peavey, Crate, or Randall.

Any Line 6.


if its a combo you are looking for, i just tried out a vox ad50vt, its really good.

head wise, peavey triple xxx.

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