Vetta & Hd147 back to back

So, today I finally got to test these two after i'd recently had my interest struck about line 6 and had a good ol convincing by riffmaster mike. It was a welcome change to find both in one store in one sound proof room (perth oz is pretty avg. for stores) and to not have pushy sales guys, they just let me play it! I used a floyded schecter hellraiser and then a 7 stringer with 81's. Really dug the hd147, i dont wanna repeat alot of what you'll read on harmony central reviews. For 30mins of playing, if there was no vetta and i had a few grande, well id have bought it. Now, the vetta 2... Jeez louise. Pluged her in and instantly i was hit by dual amp stereo goodness. Scrolling through the presets i got mixed impressions, some of the delays with the stereo effects though, AMAZING! I got right into mixin a 5150 with a recto just for kicks. Quite astounding, really it is just such a fucking cool feature. Actually the noise gate and compressor, they have gotta be some of the best features. I own a mk2 5150 with no noise gate so you can imagine how this was for me. After an hour of tweeking, playin, thrashin, and sexin up I was convinced. BUT here lies the problem... Im lookin around $5000 with a cab and longboard.... crippling for a student who just jams and does odd gigs here and there. So it's got me thinking, is this a selfish thing to be looking at buying? Riffmaster Mike and all other Line 6ers I see exactly what you mean now.
Mr Pigwalk

What are the possibility of buying used? The Vetta 1 with the latest firmware is the exact same amp you just played, just a little uglier. Can slice the price of the cab in half by getting a spider cab too, however most of them out today are only 150w (75+75 stereo) which isn't enough for the Vetta. However there still are alot floating around that are 300w (150+150 stereo or 300 mono) which is what you'd need.

Also can use the shortboard instead of the longboard, save you a few bucks on the get go, but if you're like me I imagine after a while you'll just wish you had saved for the longboard (i'm not too repentful about it actually, but I know I will be one day).


theres a vetta 1 for 1500 on ebay, but i need to sell my 5150 first...
If im gonna go for it though i wanna go all out i.e full stereo 300watt cab and longboard. I can't help but feel I don't deserve to own an amp like this if im not aiming for a semi-pro to pro level

Mr Pigwalk

If you ever get a Vetta having just one single cab will never feel like enough, especially once you see what it can do with 2 cabs!

Not sure what used prices nor availability is like on Oz, but in the states a used Vetta 1 head goes from 600-1000. Mine was 830 or so.

Mr Pigwalk

To go AxeFX?


I'm thinking about letting my JH2 or JH3 go - I'm in the UK. I was wondering, what are the going rates for these now in the UK? They're both mint with COA

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Another option would be to get the Vetta II Combo, and then the Vetta 2x12 cab. If you aren't playing live very often, 4x12 might be a little much. The combo with the 2x12 cab would save you space, and you'd get to use the stereo features.


True, the combo is a bit cheaper. But space is not an issue especially since I'll be moving into a mates place soon with a whole games room setup for jamming. I really dug the 5150 on it and it was really handy having the global controls plus i didn't even have an eq or a tube screamer setup through it so I can only imagine how much more it can be tweaked and i didnt adjust the cabinet model.
I had a good play of a spider 3 half stack and that was cool but it seems like a step down from a 5150. More funds available for new guitars though...
Could I use a special transformer with a u.s vetta? my girl moved from the states 3 yrs back and has special transformers for some of their appliances

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Have you considered trying an hush or the like with your 5150? :confused:

It seems that was the thing you liked the most about the model of the amp you actually own... Try that first and see what develops... Aside from all the built in fx.. You may already have an amp that you can live with and use and still save loot in the mean time until you decide what amp you really really want.


true, true, true. and the isp decimator ive heard is good.
i wonder what'll be worth more in 10-20yrs time, a vetta or 5150...


I have, in hand, one ESP Viper. One ESP Viper on the way (Thursday). And a ESP Eclipse (snow white) on the way (few weeks). Have I gone ESP crazy? Gibson's gone !!! Fender's Gone !!!

ESP for life...Carvin for life...Randall T2, well, will see this week.


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