• idpmofo

    Opinions on HZ4 pups

    EMG site basically says these are the passive version of an 81. Of course, there's gotta be a noticable difference. Ive only sampled a guitar with an HZ pup. Wonder what opinions anyone has on the differences.
    Ive heard people comparing actives with passives and dont wanna start that again(even though thats basically what Im asking, lol). Was wondering if anyone here has an active with an HZ.
    The reason Im asking is Im not sure how much I like the 60 Ive got in neck(EC500). I absolutely love the 81 in bridge. Im not sure Ive played anything with an 85 in neck.
    Since Im on the subject, anyone who has mixed any passive pup with an EMG can chime in.

    • MV-CTM

      The 81 is like when you first open a bag of chips, the H4 is like when you open the bag a week later and eat some.

    • ESPimperium

      I found the HZ4s dry, but also quite toneful when used in the right way.

      But id say go fro Seymours Duncans over EMG-Hz.

    • fickle19

      I have owned both and to my likes i like the hz4 better. Never had one in the neck position though.

    • kingkobra813

      i had the the hz in my guitar for a while being a big fan of the 81 i thought i would give the hz a try for a while but after a few band practices i couldn't stand it any longer and swaped it for an 81. it just was missing something the 81 one has. like everyone else said it sounds weak. and i agree weak is a good word to describe it.

    • ESPimperium

      The Epi Zakk Buzzsaw had both HZ4 and HZ4A, the HZ4A is slightly less powered than the HZ4, but thats good for preserving clarity, the HZ4A is the 85 of the Passives, but is more like middle ground of 60 and 81 in a passive version.

      Dont get mw wrong the HZs were good, but compaired to real EMGs the lack a little, but i did have the plesure of trying a Jackson DKMG before it got the 81/85 in it and the Aftreburner that it had in it was the thing that made the HZ shine more to me, it made things scream a little more than without it.

      Id say the HZs are really best with some sort of pre amp in the guitar (Like Alexis SVs), i feel this to be the case in both bass and guitar versions of the EMG HZs, they really need a decent preamp to sound their best.

    • ESPimperium

      It was HZ4s the one i played had, with a afterburner as well.

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