• rockinhockey

    g-flex 212

    Hey guys,
    im may be getting a head very soon and ill be needing a cab to go with it and i figured i won't need a half stack yet so i was looking at these g flex's and it seems like everyone has them. so how are they for metal? do you guys think these are nicer than say a mesa 212 with v30s or any other 212s? and how are they for transportation? are they easy to carry because apparently they don't have casters? any other useful information appreciated. thanks guys.

    • rockinhockey

      Thanks man thats exactly the description i was looking for. everyone seems to have them but i never knew why.

    • rockinhockey

      anyone else have opinions on it?

    • Yo Daddy

      I've got 2 of the 4x12s. GB made their name by building kickass enclosures. I don't see myself using anything else.

      BTW, Genz Benz means:

      Genz=Genzler (Jeff Genzler)
      Benz=Cabinet (term used in the industry)

    • FaceEraser

      I've got 2 of the 2x12 GFlex cabs myself, but I'm thinking about selling one and going with a 4x12 on top of one of the gflexs. It seems like the dispersion on them vertically isnt very high, and they sound alot better when the cones are closer to ear level. I thought about getting an amp riser, but I don't want to decouple the low end from the ground, as the genz benz kills in that department. I'm considering getting an ENGL 4x12 to match my Powerball.

    • SixkillerNYC

      So I'm in the market for a new head that I can take on the road with a new band. I'm looking for a Marshall sound, and today I played a JVM 210 head that I really liked. The 410 seems like overkill, and I'd almost rather back off to the 2466 and go even smiler. Another option is to pick up a used DSL 100 on the cheap, and I remember liking the sounds of those amps when I've played them.

      Anyone have expeience with any of these, or any other suggestions of amps I should look at? I'm looking for something in the 50-100 watt range - I'll be playing mostly clubs and don't need a ton of volume. I need at most clean, dirty, crunch, but really clean/dirty and crunch in a two channel would work fine. I tend to roll back the volume knob when I need to clean up anyway. I also don't want to have a complicated footswitch/foorboard. I've got a line 6 rig at home - on the road I want simple, reliable, and good.

      Any suggestions?

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    • rockinhockey

      How would the stock speakers in the g flex compare to say, an avatar 2x12 with v30s?

    • Deadpulse

      much darker sounding

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