Programmable Rack EQs Anyone?

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Does anyone know of any? 8o
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Would I be able to use them with a MIDI controller?


Didn't ADA make a great one?


^gajin that thing looks like it could be very useful, how much did it run you?


i googled it and found it stores 9 settings, it's pretty cool, and for some odd reason boss seems to have discontinued it not long after bringing it out, i got a couple right when they came out a couple years ago i think. now i can't find them. i think they cost around $219 maybe when new? i'm not sure.

i much agree with the recent hc reviewer who says it's dumb you can't scroll thru the 9 patches with footbutton 2, and then click to that setting with button1.
to alleviate that what i did live was just have 2 settings i'd use, and set it manually for one and a patch for the other, and click the footbutton to go between patch and manual.

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Well, what I want is something I can use for my main dirty tone on my TriAxis, but NOT on my cleans.


"use for my main dirty tone "

i'm curious why do you want a programmable unit, are you going to use multiple eq settings?

probably any programmable unit is going to first convert signal to digital, eq it, then back to analog,
-- if that is a concern to you, for many it isn't but for some it is.
i only used my boss eq20's for vocal filter effect so i never noticed or cared about how the ad/da conversion affected the sound, i was going for a specific very-effected sound already, and i looped the eq completly in or out of the path when i used it.

if you don't need multiple settings, if you want to remain analog,
for more interesting eq options you might consider a peg instead of geq.
i think peq's can do cool stuff with OD tones, jmo.

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Well, I want something that will work on one setting and not on others.


Doesn't the G major have a parametric EQ?


Hi guys

I'm getting myself a custom shop eclipse, and can't make up my mind if I want a maple neck on it, or a mahogany one.

I'm interested in what you guys have to say about it, each of you probably has some helpful experience / knowledge in this issue.

Here's my main thaughts:

downsides for the maple:

- Looks: The guitar's finish will be natural, so the 2 wood types of the center column and "wings" will be visible... i'm afraid it won't be too aesthetic

- Sound: with the ebony fretboard, Maple top and EMG's, wouldn't it sound Too bright?
would the little bit of mahogany in the wings make a difference and give me that massive Low range?

Downsides for the Mahogany:

- Sound: On the other hand, a whole mahogany guitar... wouldn't it be too muddy? (it does have a maple top - would that be enough to tighten those lows, and polish the highs?)

- strength: mahogany is known to be softer than maple - and i've seen too many Les-pauls with broken necks.

awaiting your advised comments... :cool:

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Dark Alone

It has one, but I don't find it nearly as effective as the Dynamic Voice on the TriAxis itself. But some people say you can achieve a better result with an external EQ, rather than using the Dynamic Voice. That may be. But the G-Major isn't it. So I'm just examining other options.

david safc

Does anyone agree with me that most of ESP's V shaped guitars are way overpriced? The SV's are like £1300 ($2600) and the Alexi models, which only have one pick up, cost £1675 ($3350). You could probably get a Les Paul custom for that price. I mean, are they really worth this much? I know that you can obviously get good lead sounds for solos and stuff, but do they really match up to the chunky rhythm sound you would get out of a guitar like a Les Paul? I'm really GASing for a V guitar lately to go along with my EC-1000, but I'm having trouble justifying saving my paper round money for like 30 weeks to afford the SV.


LP Customs are overpriced :lol by a lot

If you think Vs are overpriced just because they are Vs then you obviously aren't a V person.

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"I want something that will work on one setting and not on others."

then you only need 1 eq setting and just need it to be on and off when you change to various patches in your triaxis? is that correct?

if so, what about choosing a simpler (non programmable ) eq of your liking, and use a looping method to take it in and out of the path?
this could probably be done cheaply or expensively depending on how fancy you want it to be.

what does your current rig consist of?

does a triaxis have a loop? if so can it turn that loop on and off per patch? i don't know dink about the tri, never played thru one.

i use a boss ge7 for one specific thing, to get a notchy sound once in a while, primarily when covering certain Sab tunes. the eq is on all the time and my gcp/gcx takes it in and out of the path as needed.

Dark Alone

Yes it can Gaijin. It's got a loop, and you can program it to be on or off on every program you dial up.

But I use the G-Major for all of my cleans. So the loop will be on when I go clean. I don't want that. Unless I can somehow tell the EQ not to be on certain programs.


oh :D then does your gmajor have a loop you can turn on and off per patch? :D

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lol I'm not sure about that. I'd have to consult the mediocre manual.


how much $ are you willing to spend?

everthought about tossing the gmajor and getting the G-System?
it can control your triaxis via midi, can turn any of its 4 loops on/off per patch, and has all its effects built into the unit, so it's a multi effector, a looper, and a midi controller.

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Since I'm unemployed, not much is in the cards right now.

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I've thought about a GCX, but it's expensive and pretty large.

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