• sepsis311

    ESP Sinclair Posts - Replacement Found!!!

    Hi Guys,

    I never post here, but I've been browsing a long time. I have this awesome ESP Horizon that uses the Sinclair bridge, I've been looking high and low for a replacement for the tremolo posts because I personally think the Sinclair bridge is the best bridge I've ever used. I didn't want to sell the guitar, but my posts were in very rough shape. For years I've looked for replacement Sinclair trem posts, and while I found some on ebay, they were asking 45 bucks and they weren't in good shape.

    Well I'm posting here to help others who have suffered like I have. Well I found a replacement, and they drop right into the original sinclair body studs. They are posts for the Jackson JT585 tremolo, I got them with the jackson studs for $10.95 free shipping, but like I said, I only needed the posts, not the studs, so I discarded the jackson studs, and screwed the jackson posts right into the sinclair studs mounted in the body. Perfect fit.

    For reference, the jackson part number is 0062559000


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