• Ron M.

    EC1000 need replacement tuners in black, but where??


    I have an LTD EC-1000T/CTM guitar and I'm looking to switch the ESP gold locking tuners with black ones. I haven't been able to find them as the ESP locking tuners seem to be a special size.
    Anyone know where to get some black locking tuners that would replace these that are the correct size?

    Thank you

    • The G.

      Look at Gotoh, Schaller, and Sperzel locking tuners. Doing a search will give you a variety of vendors.

    • Hans B.

      Gotoh Keystone-style 3+3 Tuning Machines Or Grover Keystone Rotomatics (102 Series) 3+3 Tuners. Neither are locking and they are not available in black, at least not through the usual websites. Maybe you can contact gotoh. This is the brand ESP usually uses on their Japanese guitars. On the gotoh website I saw a model called SG301 in black that is the same style, but again non-locking. Both of the tuners mentioned above are good, but if you want locking tuners you might have to get a different style especially for black since it looks like black tuners are made less than chrome and gold.

    • Hans B.

      I found the perfect ones bro. It's just like I thought. I saw them on an ESP Viper on the ESP Japan website. The specs say TUNER GOTOH SG301-04 MG-T. Those have the same shape as your LTD tuners (old Gibson LP style tuner shape) They made be hard to find in a store or online, but if you e-mail Gotoh or call one of the guitar parts dealers online I'm sure they'll help you out and order them for you. Like I said Gotoh is the brand that ESP uses on nearly every Japanese ESP so they should be a direct fit to the LTD models. The LTD tuners on your guitar are most likely built under license from Gotoh as they are also a Japanese company. The ESP tuners on my KH-602 are nearly the same as the Gotohs on my ESP KH-2 (schaller style non-locking).

      i hope this info helps you out. I'm not sure if they're jet black, but they're definitely dark gun metal black looking from what I can see on my iPad. Make sure to order 3x3 since the left side tuners are right handed and the right side tuners left handed. They should be around $50 depending on where you live. Gotohs are great and you will be happy with them.

    • Shawn J.

      Carvin sells black and silver replacement locking tuners. These are whats in my ec1000 now.