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    Help!!problem with emg active pickup

    was playing the other night and guitar started fading in and out like battery was going dead. I replaced battery and was playing again last night and it started fading again. popped in another new battery and no change still fading in and out. I noticed as I was playing if i shifted the guitar hard it would fade back in and sound normal. So I started messing with it and noticed if I was on bridge pickup all was normal. when on middle position or front pickup the guitar barely put out sound at all even through the distortion effect the guitar sounded like I was playing on a clean channel with very low volume. checked the electronics panel all seemed well all connections looked good and in order.
    My guess is the selector switch is going bad? So anyone know a good testing method to test the switch with? or any other ideals as to what could be going wrong. this has never been a problem just started abruptly Any ideals or help is appreciated!

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