• Haifisch

    Unwanted High Pitched Ring

    I was wondering if anyone could give me a easy solution to my problem, its hard for me to explain so forgive me if its not clear

    I have a Ibanez EDR with Edge pro II floating trem and a ESP RZK-1 with floyd rose, both Guitars have a strange high pitched ringing sound behind the actual note if you get me(which does come through the amp), the ESP on the 2nd string and the Ibanez on the 3rd string, mainly when their hit open and only when the locking clamps at the nut are in place.

    Both guitars are set up pretty well as far as I can tell, I made sure it wasn't the springs in the back that were ringing and on the last string change I checked the relief on the neck etc and all seems good, the only thing I can think of now is maybe the string hight needs to come up a little more.

    Before I start messing with it and possibly make it worse I thought I'd mention it on here in case its a common problem with an easy fix, thanks in advance for any help

    • ESPKH4

      are you sure its not the cables or amp?

    • Haifisch

      it sounds like its coming off the neck area, its definitely not coming from the back, tho there is that common problem, the ringing from the springs that I need to get some sponge around, but thats a different noise, or maybe its connected.

      I also notice that the string in question also sounds the tinniest bit dead compared with the rest on both guitars

      EDIT: when I say neck area I should have said around the 12th fret