• Nagash

    Floyd Rose PRO

    I always "need" a recessed tremolo on my guitars, because it gives more technical possibilities. I'm used to the Original Floyd Rose, and there's a little detail that bothers me... when I'm playing, apart for fast picking, my hand always rests on the floyd, on the precision tuning screws. I force myself to stay away from the screws, nothing helps, my hand just slips back on them at the first second I don't pay attention.

    I have seen pictures of the Floyd Rose PRO bridge, it has a lower profile, and the guys at the music shop told me it would be a nice option if I don't want to detune my guitar by resting on the tuning screws. Here's the big question : could I install a Floyd PRO on a guitar equipped with a recessed OFR, for example on my SV standard ? Or wouldn't the PRO fit into the cavity of the OFR ?

    • Beto

      I can't answer your question, but I can tell about my experience with this bridge. I own a 2003 LTD MH-301, a very well built neck-through from Korea, but it came with crappy hardware. First I replaced the P.U.s with active 81/85; the sound turned better, but playability was still very disapointing.

      Everything changed last year, when I got an OFR PRO (it is also Made in Germany by Schaller): now I can call it a guitar. Comparing with my ESP Horizon FR-II, of course one will notice they are different guitars - some differences more subtle, others more noticeable: frets, fingerboard radius, neck thickness, rosewood vs ebony fingerboard, a real maple top vs maple veneer. Also, the LTD is dropped to Eb and stringed with Hybrids (9 - 46), which contributes to the different feeling when playing each of them.

      Since the original bridge had a low profile, I chose the OFR PRO. Anyway, neither of the OFR would fit the cavity of the original bridge - not even the distance between the pivot studs was compatible. Fortunately, I found an excelent luthier to do this job.

      Apart from a small aesthetic imperfection, this guitar was brought to life since then. I can assure one would easily feel as confortable with LTD as with the ESP, being able to perform with no limitations to his or her skill level.

      My suggestion is that you could download the routing templates for the OFR PRO model in the Floyd Rose website, so that one could compare them with the measures from your guitar.

    • Nagash

      thanks ^^

      • Beto

        This is the final result after the OFR PRO. As I said, an aesthetic imperfection which I can easily live with, considering that only after this mod I really fell in love with this guitar.

    • brandono61cr

      first off how hard are you palm muting ? :lol

      to know if that would work for you , you could try one of the pro series jacksons ,they come with copy low pro floyds .

      from what i have read they "should" fit .

      but ya know how "should" never really does :\

      • Beto

        I was thinking again about this issue.

        Those tuning screws are tight. I also use to play my Horizon with my palm resting over them, but my regular Floyd doesn't come out of tune.

        On the other hand, it seems to be consensual that only good to high quality floating tremolos can keep tuning stability.

        This way, I'm really curious: does your guitar go out of tune even when you don't bend and don't use the whammy bar?

        I believe that you have already tried to rule out other possibilities. But from what I read till now, double-locking tremolos that can't stay in tune are more often related to issues involving the nut, the springs, the saddles, the bevel edges or the stud pivots.

        Well, I'm just speculating - and also trying to learn more about this subject, of course. I hope somebody will give you some helpful information. Let me know when you get this trouble solved.