• 5150-Viper

    What Tubes for 5150!!!

    i have a 5150 that i play through a krankenstein cab, it currently has the JJ6l6 tubes and its been about 2 years since i changed them, does anyone have any recommendations for tubes for this amp? my amp is super noisy when turned up and my guitar volume knob is all the way down, makes a loud fizzy noise. I play things on the lines of black dahlia murder, at the gates, etc... need something brutal basically, and want to try something different then the 6l6's, thanks

    • Gravy Tank

      Well you could always run it with 2 KT88s or KT66s and 2 6L6s with no mod or you could get it modded to run EL34s. Be sure to replace your pre-amp tunes too, because I'd be willing to bet thats where youre getting all the feedback from.

    • 5150-Viper

      ya i will do the preamp tubes at the same time, im just looking for a brutal tone something with good low-end and smooth highs. thought i would try something different then the 6l6's

    • LordCliffton

      right,, add a 12at7 to the position mentioned and get yourself a matched quad of Sovtek 6L6 WXT+ tubes.. they're awesome.

      Also, KT66 are the same tube as a 6L6 BUT they are military spec-since military spec are only required to work and not be musical I'd stay far away from them. That is my OPINION & Ymmv. They were originally used in radios and shit like that as power towers-not guitar amps(yes, there were 100 watt military power towers to contact men in the field, and no they did not play Jefferson Aeroplane for the soldiers, lol).

      Lastly, I do not believe that you can run 2 different types of power tubes at the same time. Example:what was mentioned was a KT88(which I believe is a military spec 6550). That and a 6L6/KT66 in an unmodified amp will most likely result in some sort of combustion. Avoid like the plague unless you have deep pockets & like your amp in the shop.

    • coyote

      Shoot an email over to Doug at Doug's tubes. Tell him your issues and what you are looking for as far as sound and he will make some recommendations as far as what tubes you need.