• Mr_Goodbomb

    Need a Tone-O-Matic and Stopbar set for my EC-300

    I don't know where to find one that'll fit. I don't really wanna spend over 30 bucks. I have the bushings and posts, I just need the actual bridge pieces themselves (where the strings are held on the stopbar and where the saddles/strings sit on the TOM). Anyone know?

    • nwright

      There's a seller on ebay that sells the exact same T-O-M's and tailpieces. The EC-300 should be stamped S.I.C. if you look at the underside of the TOM bridge. I just bought a TOM from ebay and it's the xact same one, stamped SIC as well. In some cases, LTD's have different size post holes, though...And, they can vary within the same models. At one point I had 3 H-302's all with different sized post holes (and posts). The bushing is the same size, just the upper post.

      The ebay seller sells under Dancing Dragon music I believe.