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    new esp, please help!

    Hi I recently purchased an MH 400 (10/21/07), love the sound and looks. When I got it from the store it had a slight bow in the wrong direction to the neck. I had the neck set up and intonation set up at a different store but am still not happy with the action. We also have an ESP mh300 with great action (2/64" measured at 12 fret low e string) and I noticed that the nut on the mh 400 seems too high on all the strings, especially compared to the mh300. I have heard that people can get great action with these 400s. The shop I bought the guitar at will not do anything but is there anyway to file or shim the metal nut (type used with floyed rose). Also is it worth it to have the fret levels checked? I measured the bow on the neck and it is fine now (measures .015 at the 7th fret). Also the E string is about .021 above the first fret indicating that the nut is too high. This measurement is specked to .005 on gibson electrics. I am not sure the the actual ESP spec is on this though. I was able to obtain 4/64" space between the 12th fret and low E string without any buzz. 2/64"s is considered good action, 3/64"s is typically normal and 4/64"s is considered a bit high. Any suggestions.
    Thanks Paul.

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