• bodomfan81

    tremolo block problem

    i have a problem with one of my guitars that has a floyd rose on it (original). I can't pull too much out of whammy bar because the tremolo block gets stuck against the body too soon. I get like 1.5 tone up out of my whammy bar pull, but can't get more. I also have Edwards Alexi guitar, and i don't have this kind of problem on it. Is there anything i can do to fix it? Maybe there are some kind of shims out there that would allow me to place the block a little further so it doesnt get stuck too soon?

    • SDMFPantera

      do you have an original floyd or licensed, it seems that guitars with OFRs have a little more room , but for example my Ibanez with a LO-TRS trem on it, i actually set the bridge so its pointing up(diving) a little bit which i know is not recommened, but it barely affacts the string height and i can go up about 3 steps or so

      • bodomfan81

        i have the original floyd rose (german) and i run into this problem. I really don't know what to do, it sucks. on of my friends have the same problem, but for him he got this problem after he replaced the jackson lo pro with OFR. Mine was like that from the beginning, because the guitar came with OFR. That's why I am selling my guitar. I could do the same thing as you. i will think. thanks for the idea.