• darkladytaelyn

    Of Neck Dives and Flying V's

    Hello all. Quick question as I've been wondering a little. I'm kicking around the idea, rather strongly, of going for a custom shop 5-String bass in the Standard V body. Major question on my mind is, for those currently playing or have played standard V's, is whether or not there's any neck dive issues? I've got an ol' six-string guitar from another company that sounds great, feels great, but it's such a pain to constantly re-shift the position of the instrument. Hells, the only way I've gotten that thing to stay still is to hold the back point "arm" of the body with my right leg...which looks and feels as funny as it sounds. But I'm ranting now...

    I'm mostly asking because I'm anticipating the 35" scale screwing with it compared to the, what, 25ish" I think the guitars sit at? I've also not yet gotten a chance to see any ESP/LTD V's in person myself to know - local stores carry the LTD Eclipses and Vipers, mostly.

    Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated,

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