• nightofthelivingshred

    best usa dealer?

    probably answered a million times, i'm bad with searching. looking for a dealer to order a custom through. i'm aware of drum city guitar land. anyone else that's worth looking into? thanks.

    • nightofthelivingshred

      i thought he was in australia or something

    • MyApocalypse

      I think you're thinking of Shane.

    • BroKV

      Piney Hillz

    • diadorastriker

      angelo gallo guitars

    • guitarchris76

      Matt was great with me. I got a Eclipse AHB with an ESP case for $1500. I couod not find anyone that woud give me the same deal.

    • DeathGimmicks

      my vote is sam ash stores, at least the one in Richmond Va, they have everything and the best saff/ customer assistance ever.

    • Curt Daddy

      at sam ash, just like guitar center. you get people working there who they could give a fuck about anything but making a buck off of you, and yea, they'll help you if you ask, but EVERY time I walk into a sam ash or guitar center... well, i'll play out a scenario.

      I pick up a guitar i'm interested in and I usually plug into whatever amp i'm feeling like playing, usually it's the 6505 combo but last time I went they sold their last one so I used a peavey vpyr(which I ended up buying)... anyway...

      i'm riffing away... seriously contemplating a purchase.

      GC knob: hey, you're pretty good, you like that guitar, huh?

      Me: thanks(knowing they are about to say something stupid)yea, I love it, feels, sounds and looks great.

      GC knob: yea, it's a nice one, how about this one? you like it? (picks up a cheapo dean or an epiphone that has been sitting there for a long time just sitting there, no one plays it, no one has ever shown any interest in it.) this is a (states the blatantly obvious; brand name, guitar model, stuff you can tell by just looking at it, or if you've never seen it, just look at the headstock in most cases..) this is on sale right now, it's every bit as good as the guitar you're playing, just cheaper(they typically just try to sell off their cheapest stuff as fast as they can to make a quick buck as they're not suspecting that when you pick up a higher end guitar that you're actually going to buy it, even if you are going to), or we have this(repeats the earlier process, and tries to get you to buy it)

      me: nah, i'm playin' a few to see what I want, lookin to buy something that i'm really gonna want and not regret later.

      GC knob: oh, cool, cool. well, you gonna want any picks and strings? how about a strap? we got some cool straps for a nice price!

      me: (usually) yea, wouldn't hurt to pick up a set of strings while i'm here, i'll get them before I leave.

      GC knob: alright, cool.(with a smile on his face) i'll let you get back to what you were doing. (wanders around the store)

      and last time I went to GC(to pick up my peavey vypyr) that's pretty much how it went.

      when I got up there w/ the amp, the guy up there was pretty much trying to sell me every kind of accesory possible... I just feel so uncomfortable in guitar center or sam ash (i've been to only 2 sam ash stores but at least 10 guitar centers).

      yea, it's their job to help people out and try to make a sale, but they obviously don't know a damn thing about the "customer knows best" deal.... they use more effort trying to sell you something else that you don't want rather than actually acknowledging you're willing to at least make a damn purchase there and help you out with anything you might actually need help with... it annoys me a bit, obviously.

    • Curt Daddy

      wow... I typed more than I thought... I guess I really do hate guitar center. :lol

    • zombieattack9

      Piney co-stars on the Hiiiiiiiillllz

      guy is a straight shooter, and always available to talk to. would not hesitate to sacrifice first born for this mecca of awesome

    • ESPKH4

      ed roman :rollin