• Novaargh

    ESP Mirage

    hi guys
    i was wondering what the board thinks of ESP Mirages?

    i may buy one (or trade my washburn dime with it or somthing)
    But, anyway.. what's the deal with the Mirage?
    witch wood type is usually used how does it shound etc
    cant find any specs on it on the ESP site..

    are they still made, or is it a custom job

    the lynch model guitar have some sort of a similar look to it,
    and going from there if it is the same like an george lynch guitar than i really think i'd be pleased with an Mirage
    (i own an GL serpent from 92 and that play's awesome)

    please tel me what you think


    • raz311

      Mirage = M Series ;) eg MII
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      • Novaargh

        Mirage = M Series ;) eg MII

        Yes that's what i thought, but the guitar that i've seen that i can buy, lookes more like an george lynch model than the MII (KH type)

        or, is the model i've seen an oldy sirca mid 90?

    • fuzzymuffler

      If you could get pictures for us that would be great..

    • el_destrukto

      The Wilkinson trem is a stable unit. Combined with locking tuners and a graphite nut, you should experience no problems. In my own experience, even a good quality standard 6-hole strat trem will stay in tune well if set up properly.

      Just to be fair.. I set up all of my trem-equipped guitars to be non floating (meaning that it will only lower pitch, not raise it.) I would assume this is another reason why I have yet to experience stability problems with any good tremolo system.

      The Mirage in that pic is eventually going to be refinished and put back together, when it is I am thinking of not blocking it and trying one of those "Tremel-no" devices on it.

      For some more opinions on the VS100, ask anyone who has one of the Page Hamilton signature guitars. I think there are a few people on here that own them.