• Maximilian F.

      Eclipse body shape with James Hetfield's new pickups (they sound BOMB). One volume, no tone. Locking TOM Bridge. No finish on the neck. Ebony fingerboard

      Since ESP does amazing graphic guitars, I would have a picture of the Orion Nebula wrap around the guitar and have the inlays be little Orion's belts.



    • Guitooorbenchi

      This guitar, but probably with a Sugizo-style headstock.

    • GhostScythe

      I would like the snakebyte Shape with black diamond plate and deer skulls inlays!!!! like the JH-2

    • Kride

      Semi-OT but it would be awesome of ESP or the dev people here to develop a mockup designer for ESP guitars. Like some other custom shops have available...

      Wouldn't be all that hard to accomplish either. It wouldn't have to include ALL the possible features like custom shapes and finishes, just most of them and rest woud be spec'd in more detail in the custom order sheet.


      If other WAY smaller companies can provide this kind of service why couldn't ESP?

    • HAY

      I want a seven string version of my standard custom MII

      BODY : Alder NECK : Maple 3P FINGER BOARD : ebony w/White Binding CONSTRUCTION : Neck-thru-body SCALE : 25.5" TUNERS : Deluxe Gotoh BRIDGE : Kahler Flat Mount HARDWARE COLOR : Black FRET : 24 / XJ NECK PICKUP : blackout BRIDGE PICKUP : blackout CONTROL : 1 Volume , 3way toggle switch. woodland Camo


    • Gerard D.

      A cancer tribute guitar

    • Jacob J.

      A neck thru, 25.5 inch version of the MX-250 with the Man to Wolf inlays in aged Olyimpic White with Sperzel tuners

    • Gfunk

      Who orders custom ESPs any more?


      ESP has made it clear they do not want to accept custom orders other than Nippon domestic and/or artist crap.

    • Andreas S.

      It would look like a KH-4-styled guilar, but without Kirk's signature on the Head...




    • Osvaldo T.

      ESP Eclipse - Silverburst 

      Features: Full Thickness Body, Black Hardware, Tune - O - Matic Bridge, Grover or TonePros Kluson Tuners, and EMG 57-66 Pickups in Black Chrome.

      I would also like a Yin Yang design in the headstock.

    • Jeff H.

      Like the one I have :)


      Full-Thickness Eclipse. Mahogany body and neck, plain maple top. Cream multiply Binding on front and back of body, headstock, single cream on neck, two-tone burst (but a little more red, as requested although it's not quite as red in real life which rules, very subtle) on front, back, and neck. Seymour Duncan Custom Custom (bridge) and '59 (neck). Sperzel locking tuners. Ebony fretboard. MOP inlays and ESP logo, "Amor Fati" on headstock. Yeah.. fairly standard for the most part.  If it aint broke.. The grain of the mahogany on the back of this guitar is probably my favorite thing cosmetically, but that'd be picture overload so scope my profile for shots of that..

    • Nick H.

      I would order a 7-string M Shape with Floyd Rose Tremolo in a Silverburst Finish with a maple neck thru and ebony fretboard with no inlays, an EMG 707 in the bridge (no neck pickup) and if they could do it I would get the old Super V headstock put on it with White binding around the edges.

    • MetalMadness

      Mine would be a NTB M-II with 2 tone and 1 vol knob. Offset inlays with a Floyd Rose. See-thru Teal body with Maple Fretboard. Passive pickups and unpainted neck.

    • IMJMV

      Eclipse shape - Mahogany body - Plain Maple top in Natural or Tobacco Burst - Nitrocellulose finished - BOUND- Hard Rock Maple Neck  w Ebony Fingerboard - BOUND w MOP markers 24 Frets - Duncan SH-4 TB-4 Combo P/U's - Chrome Goto Hardtail Bridge - and chrome locking tuners - Tusq nut. 

    • Jon A.

      Forest gt  or antelope 7 string swamp ash body rosewood neck w/ ebony board and neck fillets, bolt on or set in neck maybe a spalted figured top all natural oil finish but with the no matching cap on headstock. BKP battleworn pickups Cbomb+VHII or sinner in the neck. a floyd tremel-no'd w/o locking nut with faat brass block just for fine tuners and recording and slight use of trem.