My ESP Iron Cross Number 22 now has an older Brother. The Gibby version.

My ESP Iron Cross Number 22 now has an older Brother. The Gibby version.

Got it from an insane collector/curator on Instagram. (dude has every Metallica sig, some of James' personal guitars and every amp/live rack set up they ever used. Guy must be a millionaire lol)

Keeping  the stock pickups and doubt I am changing them as they so good. Lately myself and my VH4 seem to love passives. My aged Custom Shop flamed Les Paul Standard sound amazing through it and so does this guitar. Treble needs to be dialed out a tad but other than that, sounds and plays as if it was made by Gibson to be a sig series. I wonder who did the original treatment. I am wondering if it was that Antonio guitars guy as it looks dead on to what he does and plays amazing.








My main Aged Les Paul I was referring too above.




Nice man. Congratulations on the new score. 

ESP 348

Congrats mate! Who's the instagram guy? I'd love to see which Hetfield guitars he owns.

Mesa Sean

This guys: Get ready to freak. Especially when you see his amps. The Truckster with Gold Hardware was one of Hetfield's personal ones that he gifted to someone....and this guy bought it off him.

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Lluis  A.

Nice one!!


recently i’ve got a 1969 les paul custom and i fu**ing love it!


a few weeks ago i had a chat with metallicgojihead, nice guy. We talked about his Custom Man to Wolf as i was asking details to compare to mine.

awesome collection he has.


enjoy that beauty!



A couple beauties!  Nice work 

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