• Evil Crawling I

    Ltd Sct-607B Stef Carpenter Question.

    Hey folk. I've one of these on the way to me in the next few weeks. But I'm having a hell of a time trying to track down a case for it. My ESP dealer told me they don't sell a case for them anymore. 

    To any other owners, have you any other suggestions. I'm based in the UK. 


    • Trabye

      hi, ian.

      if you are looking for a hard case, may i suggest Gator cases? i'm not sure about the exact model but the standard ATA one seems to be 39.5" in length (internal overall length). looks like it might fit a 27" scale like the SC-607B without a problem. i normally get my stuff from richtonemusic (based in sheffield). if you're around south yorkshire, you can ask them to help you out. hope this helps.


    • wyldweasil

      I was actually sold the one for the ESP version when I bought mine, it fits right in perfectly.

    • Jerome L.

      Try Gruv Gear. They make all kinds of cases for all kinds of instruments.