Wiring Diagram ec-256


If anyone can help I need a wiring diagram for the EC-256.. 2 vol 1 tone/push pull.. Bought this guitar used and someone did some "modifications"... thanx in advance..

Matt C.

Same here man. Can't find a damn thing about it. Might have to replace the lot. 


Why can't you just use the diagrams from the Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio page? Or any diagram for 2 vol 1 tone/push pull? 


jake s.

Speaking of the ec-256, i found a satin black on that has faded paint. Anything special about them?

Kevin B.

I can't get the Diagrams to upload on this forum.

Kevin B.

Kevin B.

Just installed these Duncan's Hot Rodded Humbuckers last night

Kevin B.

Please note, on the wiring Diagrams, that different brand Pickups have different color codes, 

G&B - Black is the same as Green on the Duncan

G&B- Green is the same as Red on the Duncan

G&B- Red is the same as Black on the Duncan

White is the same as White

Bare is the same as Bare



Kevin B. I realize I'm a bit late to the party on this topic, but just curious, do I need to order the 4 conductor versions of the duncans if I'm going to replace the stock pickups? 

I'm wanting to still use the coil split on the tone knob.

Thanks for posting the wiring diags as well.

Kevin B.

Sorry so late with reply

yes, 4 conductor, best if you are going to split the coil.

William M.

Anybody have a wiring diagram for the 3 way toggle switch?

 I tried to upgrade to a switchcraft using the same wiring but apparently the switchcraft is very different 


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