• owj

    Guitar without serial number or manufacturing place

    Not too sure which section is appropriate to post this question, hence I did it in the technical support too


    Hi guys, just wanna ask if a LTD EC1000 does not have serial number or manufacturing place, is it legit? The seller mentioned that it's a prototype that's why it doesn't have it? Help is appreciated thank you!

    • Mechanevil

      Could be legit, but buying without seeing it is really dicey. I mean, what are the chances of a mint condition prototype being sold years after the EC1000 model has been popularised? And why would this seller have it? I see a lot of prototype offers on ebay, but I'll warn you that some of those Chinese-made rip-offs look really, really good. Might not be too bad either, but it might not be a LTD or ESP, if the brand is important to you. 

    • jt76

      kinda late commenting on this, but even the prototypes  have serial numbers,

      prototypes are actually dealer or Namm ects samples, basically pre production guitars to get feed back

      the most common reason it would no longer have a serial number is that it is a stolen instrument,

      they can also get removed if the neck gets repaired or just refinished.  


    • Jesse D.

      If it plays like and ESP, it probably is!