• Tony G.

    Floyd Setup tips

    Just looking for tuning advice for my LTD Floyd Rose Strat. Seems like a stupid question, but when I tune my guitar up, it pulls the Floyd at an angle to the body. To fix this, I usually find myself in an vicious cycle of loosening the strings, tigtening the block screws at the back, tightening the strings, etc, with little change in the angle of the Floyd bridge. Is there a dyed-in-the-wool generally accepted procedure for getting A. The Strings in Tune and B. The Floyd Flat on the body?

    • 6-String

      Did you change the string gauge? It sounds like you may not be using 9's and need to do a setup. Either way if you are in tune and the floyd is at an angle you probably need to adjust the spring claw in the back. You do that by tightening or loosening (dependong on the angle of the floyd) the 2 screws that attach the claw to the body. There are some youtube videos that show how this is done.

      In your case if the angle is being pulled up too far when tuning you would need to tighten the claw and bring it closer to the body, adding an additional spring may also help. I am not sure what you are tightening on the block but that probably wont do anything to help the angle.Maybe you meant the claw not block?

    • Tony G.

      Yeah, I mean the claw,/....duh. My problem was getting the axe in tune, AND have the Floyd flush. Tigtening the claw was a problem because I would get the claw screwed all the way in, and the Floyd would still be at a slight angle. Added a fourth spring and ta-daaa! Is it just me, or is the third string a problem for everyone, tuning wise? No matter what guitar I play, I have problems with that G string, even when everything else is kicking on all cylinders.

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    • Synix

      Yeah, Floyds can be a bugger if you don't know all the in's and out's of them, my advice is to get a strip of wood or something (I use a notebook I have laying around most of the time) and place it under the floyd so it blocks any backwards movment, then I tighten the spring claw a bit and restring my guitar and tune it up to pitch. If everything worked as it should, the blocker should still be trapped in place because you added in some extra tention by tightning the claw at the start, so now I slowly loosen the claw until I can slide the blocking device free, then one last fine tune and it's done.

      That one little tip makes it so much eaiser to manage a floyd during set up, I can change strings and all that faster on a floyd then I can on a TOM bridge, and people say floyds are near impossible to tune, HA!

    • Sascha

      I do that in the same way, only that i use different things to block the trem.

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