• deus ex machina

    How do the neck profiles and fb radiuses compare on the KH-602 and the M-1000 models?

    So... tittle pretty much states the question.

    Anyone's got any input?

    Thanks. :)

    • JSHRED

      Kirk Hammet has always played a black Mirage (otherwise known as "M" series) that eventually became a signature artist model. So on the ESP side as well as the LTD side, all M series and KH series should all be Extra Thin U countour necks. As far as radius, I would assume they are also the same. I'd guess 12 or 14 inch non-compound.

      So all that being said, the KH-602 and the M-1000 should be the same. If it was my choice, I'd take the M-1000. Partly because it's sadly better looking than the real ESP equivalent M-II, and also, because if I ever get a KH it will be an ESP and not an LTD. In short, it all comes down to aesthetics.

    • xZYRYABx

      Rex, I had both and they felt exactly the same....it was a while ago though so i may be mistaken.
      Shane used to post this pic with all the details of every ESP model but i cant find it

    • deus ex machina


      Yeah, I did a google search and found that he posted the pic too, but the link to the pic was broken. :(

      I don't think all of the M's and Mirages have the same profile, tho. The site states some models have the Extra thin U, and others the Extra thin flat. :S

      Thanks for the replies!