• Duffy

    Anyone have or played a H-101fm and can comment on it?

    I'm thinking of buying another ESP. The H-101fm. It is light and has really good tone and the one at the store here is in great shape new and set up great. I really like it but didn't think it had the power of the EC 50. Maybe psycological.

    The sustain was better and you could dial in a good tone. The owner had ants in his pants to close so I couldn't evaluate it like I wanted to. I played it twice on a HRD and liked the way it felt in my hand and it was easy to hit some of the chords I have problems with.

    I was wondering if anyone knows anything about it or knows what type of music it excells at. It has only vol and tone controls and the switch.

    I really like the switch on my EC 50, you can set the volumes different on the pickups and lightly move the switch on and off one of the contacts and it gives a great almost tremolo effect with no noise, unlike my Epi Les Paul Standard.

    Anyway I like the H-101fm and would appreciate any evaluations.

    Thanks in advance,


    • ESPimperium

      ^^^ Wot he said!!!

      And there could be a 400 series MH-403 coming out as well.

      But if you want a HSS axe with a trem on it id go with a HSS MIM Strat or a Ibanez SA32FM.

      • Duffy

        I'm not looking for a HHs, that could be neat though.

        I bought the really nice looking and light H one zero one fm, in amber sunburst.

        It plays great and has great sustain with a somewhat lilting sound that I really like.

        The fact that it is so light and the body is sculpted to enhance playability really pleases me. I love the neck and the chords just fall into my hand. For a so called cheap guitar it is a lot nicer than some of you think it is.

        I just got a new Fender Highway one and should be playing it more but find myself playing these really nice LTD's.

        Also, today I bought a Digitech RP three fifty; an awesome item for a mid range guitar processor. Great drum samples in addition to some really super great sounds. I have only had it one evening and have just drifted accross the surface of the available sounds. It has three foot switches and a wah pedal. The wah sounds really good plus it is a vol and does some other things with some of the other effects.

        This thing is a deep item. I have only played it through my new Crate Flexwave fifteen R on the clean channel. It has a twelve inch speaker and gets the sounds out really well.

        The RP three fifty costs more than a VOX AD fifteen VT or a thirty watt Line six amp, so getting it is more like getting something that I can use with all my amps than anything else. I'm going to try it out on my tube Crate V eight Palomino and see if it does anything interesting.

        That H sounds really good through the RP three fifty.

        I can see where I might want to sell off some of my lesser used pedals and just keep ones I really like.


    • Duffy

      I just got a Digitech RP350 guitar processor with built on pedal.

      This is another underrated company.

      I decided after extensively checking out a RP150 and wasting like two and a half hours messing with it that I didn't want a guitar processor.

      After sleeping on it I decided I like the drum sections, not fake sounding, I bet they are real samples of people on acoustic drums. So I decided the heck with it and went back that next day and bought the RP350 top of that mid level line.

      Ususpectedly, I haven't even been hardly messing with the drum section and have been really having fun and success with the combination factory set models, combined with the pedal that works like a great wah or vol plus does some mysterious things with some settings.

      Man, I get some awesome tones that I wouldn't even believe. I like most of them better than my expensive stand alone pedals. The thing is extensive. It is really broad. Two tone setups for every selection because the 350 has this third foot switch that gives you two versions of every selection. This is a cool thing. You can switch to leads and rythyms and stuff like that, variation of the same basic tone.

      This thing is unreal. Those ESP guitars I bought, the EC fifty and the H one zero one fm sound super nice. Better than super nice. My Crate Palomino V eight never sounded so good, I mean really great for a little tube amp. My new Fender Highway one sounds super fantastic and has all this range when you adjust the knobs and the switch. Seems way greater variation than my cheap strat copies, although they are nice SX's. I guess I'm upgrading my equipment as I get better. I'm selling off my older, less liked stuff and getting good prices for them.

      Maybe someday I'll sell off my new Tweed HRD and get something like a Deluxe Reverb reissue. That HRD is really nice though, even though they, too, get bad mouthed. I'm going to try to get the auth. service center to put in a volume pot for the clean channel that doesn't go from silent to blasting with the slightest touch. Vol setting one is like blasting, two is unrealistic for at home use and could probably drownd out the loudest hard playing drummer.

      Anyway, that RP350 is worth checking out if you have any guitar or amp. My experience is that it makes them sound magnificently better. I played it into an old, like 18 year old, Peavey twelve watt ss Rage a few minutes ago and the amp sounded really good but not like my new Crate Flexwave fifteen R ss with the twelve inch speaker. I'm throwing the Peavey, probably US made, in free to my music teacher's neice who is buying one of my really nice fender copies I'm selling off. She is like fourteen and I'm sure she will be in for a mind blower. Those SX's are really nice and this one has a double rail humbucker in the bridge and is an unusual tune o matic stop tail strat copy that you don't see too many of. The rail is seventeen K impedance from GFS, and has more treble than you would associate with a typical h'bucker. I was going to make that my slide guitar. I don't want to have too many guitars. I want to keep it around five. These two new ESP's will stay in my collection for a while, maybe permanently, unless I upgrade, possibly to some of the more expensive ones some of you guys are saying are super great.

      Winfield, Pa

      Really amazed with the RP three fifty.

      Anybody have one?