ESP explorer fake or real?

Andrew M.

Hey people, just need your opinion, saw this explorer and wanted to know if it was a fake. The Metallica logo is a stick on and there’s no s/n or just plain black and it’s a bolt on. Any help would be much appreciated. Plays amazing


Hard to tell from just one photo 

Andrew M.

Yeah I know, sorry mate. But if you zoom in on the headstock it looks more pointed on the the bottom? I’ll go back an take a better photo. Thanks

Andrew M.

Mesa Sean

Hard to tell by the image size.


Yeah take larger photos and when you upload them to the forum page choose "Large".


Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but if its a bolt on then its an ESP EXP and should have a rosewood fret board.  Hard to tell from the photo but that looks on the dark side, but good rosewood can be fairly dark as well.  Some close ups will help




I'd still like to see more photos before offering an opinion.

Mesa Sean

Headstock looks a little suspect...but need to see the back of the headstock, close ups of the body/front headstock and just better pictures in general.


The lack of "custom" after the ESP Logo makes me wonder, but some have had those missing in the past, so you never know.


That's at Music Swop Shop here in Melbourne.

Looks legit to me from the pictures and what I know of the EXP model, but have sent a link to someone else for verification. 

Literally just purchased a KH-2 Vintage about 3 hours ago so light on cash, but might nab it if my Hanneman sells.

Dominic D.

Spacing on the logo is off and sizing as well


Tosh, like a boss, actually went to the store to examine the guitar in person. He posted more photos on an ESP group on bookface. We've come to the conclusion that it's probably a Grassroots neck, with a bad replica ESP logo, attached to an LTD body.

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