• Giò

    Could someone from ESP can clarify the ESP EII vs ESP STANDARD dylemma once and for all?

    I bought a EII horizon fr. You can see her on my profile picture. When I ordered the guitar my dealer told me that EII was the rebranded ESP STANDARD, so acutally I was going to buy a STANDARD with a different brand: EII.

    Whae the guitar arrived I noticed several imperfections. One inlay was cracked and the other was not inserted in the neck precisely; I found a hole filled with wood plaster on the 15th fret. The guitar is awesome, very good soud and feeling but for 1800€ I was expecting better finishes.

    So I started searching on the web and I red several people saying that tha new EII series is actually the old LTD ELITE, and judging from the finishes on my guitar I could belive it.

    So please, "Could someone from ESP can clarify the ESP EII vs ESP STANDARD dylemma once and for all?"

    • Deni

      I'm not from ESP but this might help you with the clarifiation.

      E-II aren't rebranded Esp standards. All Esp standards I've touched are perfect. All E-II's I've touched have imperfections. 

      There's something different and I think that the E-II guitars are manufactured in similar ways to the LTD Deluxe-guitars. 
      It might also be that the E-II guitars are rebranded B-stock Esp Standards. 

      If  I were you, I'd ask for my money back and buy myself a used Esp standard for half the price. I have 4 Esp Standards and I bought all of them used. There's not one detail on any of them that's a manufacturing mistake. 

    • synyster_slash

      Apparently they merged ESP standard + LTD Elite into the E-II brand.

      If I remember correctly the 'LTD elite' line were basically just edwards guitars for the western market, which as far as I know partially built in China before reaching Japan.

    • Seb G.

      Agreed : Edward = LTD Elite = New "E-II" branding. They added the "standard" stamp on it just so you'd beleive it makes it as good as a reel Standard.

      Unfortunatly, you will now get a fraction of the quality of an ESP Standard from 2013 and under for the same price you paid last year.

      I cant quite explain why a Japaneese ESP is now 5k, i guess it's because of their new US shop... to push sale....

      I think it's a shame, i'll never be able to buy an ESP eve again and i sure wont spend 2k on a "sub product"

    • 6-String

      This is some of what ESP has said in the past on this forum and on their FB page and website.

      Jeff K. wrote on Jan 13, 2014 at 3:50 PM
      None. LTD Elite has been folded into the E-II line, since they were equal high-quality guitars being made in our Japan factory.

      ESP Guitars John: all of our brands are "real ESP's". Our E-II Series in particular is made in Japan by ESP luthiers, and can save you some money compared to our higher-end models. If you want an ESP Original or ESP Custom Shop, we have those available as well. Thanks for writing.

      ESP Guitars Apparently, there's some misunderstanding about what E-II is, and we're thankful for your responses that let us know about it! We'll put together an article that will help you understand, but E-II *is* ESP, the same high-quality guitars that were formerly called "ESP Standard", built by the same people in the same place. We'll have more to tell you soon. Thanks!

      ESP E-II is our newest product series. Made in Japan by our experienced luthiers, ESP E-II represents a more affordable way to take advantage of excellent Japan-built ESP guitars and basses. See the whole E-II Series here: Products - E-II Guitars - The ESP Guitar Company

      ESP E-II: The New Standard Made in our Japan factory, ESP E-II offers the level of quality youʼve come to know from our standard ESP guitars and basses, with high-quality workmanship and professional components. The ESP E-II Series includes some of the new designs appearing in the ESP Original Series, plus some classic ESP models, for a slightly more affordable price than the Originals.

      • Torsten

        I own an LTD-Elite...It's not quite up to the ESP Standard I own, not by a long shot.  If that's the quality/tone/playability level of the E-II's then they are indeed a step down.  There are some great deals on ESP Standards (script or block logo) still available out there, more often or not less than the E-II version with the same finish.  

    • Stevie Strings

      Again, in reference to my post about the ESP fakes and poor Giò's question above... ESP loves to give "info" warning you that fakes are in the field, but when posed a question, on their own damn forum as to how to validate real Vs fakes or identify guitar lines... Crickets!!!

      So instead of clarification from ESP, we will just get conjecture from other players. This sucks. Way to support your players and the brand. Fooie.

    • Dave R.

      E-II is the re-branded Standard Series.

      • Louis Torres Photography

        What you've done was gotten rid of the Standard line, lowered the quality, rebranded it as E-II then figured, hey, let's just say the E-II is now the Standard, that way, we don't lose sales. Doesn't mean it's not made in Japan but not all factory workers are equal. Did you fire everyone that was great, got new luthiers in their place and now state that E-II is also made in Japan? I've yet to ever play an E-II that was anywhere close to my MII Standard/ Horizon Custom. 

    • King Nothing

      So, whatever ESP Standard (FX for example) that I find in a store right now is just left over from before the reorganization of ESP lines?




    • Dave R.

      That's right Steve.

    • R.H.

      I have some Edwards and Esp Standards (old beautiful Logo) and have played some E-ll and LTD Elite with the idea of buying some new ESP guitar, but definitely after my experience with them, I will watch the second hand market.

      The E-ll and LTD Elite aren't' even better than my Edwards talking about finishes, so ESP can say whatever they want but according to my experience, those new lines aren't like the ESP Standard series!.

      I don't know who was the "genius" marketing advisor who makes ESP do that "unintelligent" marketing movement with the names, but that just makes people feel distrustful about the company. Well that happens to me now!.

    • Steve g.

      I did complain about the rebranding and got a new jackson but my old m2s are still my favorite. So I tryed a e2...... NOT EVEN AS GOOD the finish had blemishs and the guitar did not feel like me old m2.... Hay ESP I tryed!!!! IMHO the old ESPs were the best. You realy need to look at that and many go back. You had the best thing going..... It WASENT BROKE why fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • scott s.

      I  own six standard series guitars and it looks like I will only be able to buy used ones from now on, sad.

    • jt76

      Finally got to try an Eii  FRX. It was a very nice guitar.  It felt very similar to quality wise to an LTD Elite but looked as if the finish level was nicer.  

      In my opinion still not quite as nice as a Standard series.  I was hoping for more because I really like the FRX and Mystique body shapes.  Unfortunately

      for what these are selling for I think an LTD deluxe is a better value.   Still hoping to come across an Original Series or a USA custom one day,

      I don't really see that many high end guitars at my local stores and I can't seem myself shelling out 4 to 5 grand  for something I have never actually played in person 

      and the wife would have my nuts If I told her I was flying up to New York to try out a guitar that cost more than my car.  

      For now I will just stick with my favorites, the ESP originals from the 90's. 



    • Locoed M.

      I have 2 custom shop ESP's and 2 standard ESP's and I just bought an E II Horizon III, seems to be on par with the standards IMHO. I must say though, ESP needs to clarify, and if somebody bought one with flaws then that person needs to get their money back or ask for a different one, no legit store will argue that.

    • Fyl

      PRS has been doing much the same... seems ESP wants to be a superelite boutique brand with attached but clearly separate massmarket (LTD), premium (LTD deluxe), and working pro (E-ii/LTD elite) brands


      guess theyre just trying to avoid the Fender route, where perceptions are that a "standard fender" is a stocking stuffer for your teenager


      mightve noticed stores not just kids on CL starting to market lowend budget ltds like 50 & 100 series as "esp" and thrown a fit over brand dilution via licensed products