• Savvas S.

    Question for ESP Eclipse Legitimacy

    Hello. I have ordered an Esp Eclipse II USA 24 7string from "ProMusicTools" in Germany. They claim they got the guitar from an official dealer called "sound Service" with the serial number being SS1305611. The guitar has a finish flaw on the back of the neck. Can you please tell me if their story is true since you are the official ESP dealers? I would hate to get a replica for so much money. Thank you in advance, Savvas.

    • jt76

      Pro music tools - seems to have some very diffucult to find ESPs that are either no longer made or were in some cases a dealer custom order (a standard with a

      few minor changes ),  they look legit,  Their prices are obscene.  I have never ordered anything from them because of the prices.    I have never seen a USA eclipse

      7 string,  and I am not aware of any catalog that this appeared in.  could be a dealer special order / a dealer sample / or a custom shop. Also I have seen plenty of

      ESPs that don't exist in catalogs but do exist in real life.   Pro music tools has been around a while so I would assume at the prices pro

      music tools charges they would have multiple legal actions against them buy now it they were selling knock offs.

      post pictures when you get it 

    • NIN

      call up ESP and run the SN, I did it when i bought my MII

    • Savvas S.

      I just received the guitar, mixed joy with disapointment. I contacted ESP they said that the serial number is ok as they sent that guitar to Germany. My guitar arrived with no key for the case or certificate, which i asked from ProMusicTools. The flaws are numerous and serious for a 2k instrument. Ill post pics asap.

    • Savvas S.

      Apart from the visual flaws Im really worried about the 17th fret, where the arm meets the body of the guitar. I dont know if you can see it clearly but its a bit "comressed" there, you can see the dot inlay even...Its like they "ate" some wood there when they were making it. Im really frustrated as ESP is renowned for their quality..My buddy has an Alexi Laiho on the same price tag and its flawless.

      • TT

        Buddy, you need to give that guitar back to the place who sold it to you.

        Some of those things are from the factory, which shouldn't be there in the first place.

        Those scratches on the neck either came from the factory or the dealer.  The dealer should have seen it before giving it to you.  If this guitar came directly from ESP and straight to you, then ESP needs to sit down and think hard about what they are doing with these 2014 guitars.  I too would be disappointed, and I am with my ESP E-II Eclipse.  I received 2 of them and both had issues.  One went back and I got a 2nd one with a couple of the same issues, and an added finishing flaw in the binding at the neck.  I NEVER would have expected that to happen.  My experience with ESP has always shown great quality and attention to detail, that's why I returned my new Gibson LP Standard Plus and ordered the 2014 ESP E-II.  And yet, here we are with guitars that should not have left the ESP factory as factory firsts.

        I hope you get it sorted out.  I would send it or give it back and demand a new one.   I hope the new one is flawless as it should be.

    • Savvas S.

      The thing is, this is a discontinued model and I found it VERY hard to find this guitar. If I send it back there will be no replacement.

    • Savvas S.

      I could ask for the new E-II model which is (in theory) exactely the same, but my guess is that the wood is different thus the new reduced price.

    • Savvas S.

      To be honest, I love the way she sounds, so I find it hard to send her back now. 


    • Savvas S.

      The site doesnt let me post big message thats why i post line by line...ugh

    • Savvas S.

      Since you seem to have the same experience with ESP guitars it means we are not the only ones, so my eyes now turn to Jackson. BMG7 here I come.


    • Savvas S.

      You can hear how she sound in soundcloud. I cant post links so please search for Savvas Symeonidis then esp. Thank you for all the replies guys.

    • Jeroen

      It is original. Sound Service is the European dealer