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    Horizon NT vs NT II binding question

    Hi guys,
    I'm newbie here.

    Currently I'm searching for a new axe ESP Horizon STBK NT or NT-II. I would like to have Ash body with Seymour's on board and also have completely white (not pearl) binding.

    I have checked many sites and some ESP's dealers shop - European and somewhere else in the world - and find out that this exacly configuration is nearly impossible to get, so the question is: does ESP was ever producing something like that, to begin with?

    ESP Horizon NT has two options: ash or alder body, but in every one of them binding was always pearl (up to 2008 year), which is shitty in my oppinion (reminds me little bit something like those cheap Korean LTD's abalone binding) to compare with white binding, which I think looks better and much more cool. Only FR's have white binding but NT's doesn't.

    On the oposite ESP Horizon NT-II is available mostly I think only with mahogany (after 2008+), which I don't prefer. Instead of Horizon v1, it has white binding in many models. But it is hard to get wood body with different option or it will be some special order which will cost a lot.

    Can you guys clarify that to me? Maby I am searching for something that doesn't existed and wasn't produced at all by ESP in Standard Series and is only available in Custom Shop? But I am not so crazy enough to pay 2-3x more just to satisfy myself and overpay for details.

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