• Brottuss

    Horizon NT II Spec

    Hey guys, I'm shoping for a standard ESP and I spot some mistak in the spec of the Horizon NT II like the Floyd Rose original ( and you can see it's a TOM bridge) . but i'm not here to complain. all I want to know is if it's equiped with locking tuners?

    • guitarsatbmusic

      NT-II will have locking tuners, yes

    • shathe

      uh, no. not on mine...
      where are you seeing these specs?
      there is a floyd version and a non-floyd version of that guitar

      • Beto

        I don't know very much about Horizons, but enough to solve your question.

        From the current US catalogue, you can find two main types of Standard Series Horizon guitars:

        a) NT (which stands for Non-Tremolo)
        b) FR (Floyd Rose)

        AFAIK, the "ESP Horizon" NT and FR don't have a maple top, while the FR-II and NT-II do. The first ones can have alder or ash bodies, while the last ones can have alder or mahogany bodies (depending on a combination of factors such as type of bridge and pickups).

        Finally, there is no need for locking tuners when you have a locking nut. And the locking tuners in the NT models aren't designed like Sperzels because they work differently.

        That's all I can say (hoping that's true for the present Horizons).

        Enough said, go and buy one. They're amazing guitars.

    • esten114

      Just received my new Horizon NT-II recently, and it has locking tuners.  (Absolutely love this guitar, by the way.)