• MontyW

    Vintage Plus - my journey

    I just thought I'd post this as others may 'learn' from it.

    Over the years I've searched for a guitar that felt right for me - had the right mojo if you get what I mean. I've been fixated on brand, name, style above substance.

    I started with Fender and moved to ESP - felt straight at home with the Vintage Plus, but recently I have had major gas for something else. My journey has taken my to Gibson and back to Fender. I had major GAS for a 2008 Les Paul.

    I've spent weeks playing Les Pauls and some high $$$ Fenders. Well lesson learned. If something feels right then man it probably is.

    I couldn't find a Les Paul that suited either my playing or felt right in the hand. I found a couple of Strats that were very nice, but again didn't feel as right as my ESP.

    To cut a long stort short, I've ordered another Vintage Plus in white to go with the black one I own.

    Will post pics when it arrives.

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