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    New ESP to come

    hi guys this is my 2nd post on this forum im member for about a week ive read lot of your topics about the guitars im looking forward to buy.
    im playing the guitar since late 2008. the first guitar i owned was a crappy low price ibanez then i got my LTD V-401 and i are happeee. ive enough money to get my next guitar...i was between Jackson usa models and ESP M-II. Ive search all the topics about those 2 guitars(how many things could i learn for a jackson on esp forums..well)...i live in greece and here in europe(germany exactly) the lowest price for a USA jackson is about 3.000$ (2250 euro). not to mention the greek prices that go up to 4.000$ dollars for a jackson kv2!!!
    so i decided to get the ESP M-II with maple fretboard. ive see that for many people the Jackson USA soloists have more comfortable neck than the ESP...and jackson is a better-built guitar with not so big differences compared to ESP M-II.
    Here in europe i can get the ESP at an ammount of 1.900$ so thats my budget...the price difference is huge between ESP and Jackson USA.

    so i`d like ask some things about the ESP...because ive no experience with high-price guitars and ive no chance to play with one of them(i live in an island of 120.000 ppl)

    1)playing through my ENGL screamer combo...an ESP M-II will have big difference in sound than my LTD v401 with EMG 81?

    2) connected with 1 question...for a "cleaner" distortion...which is better, seymour duncan(all of them...blackouts etc) or EMG 81?

    3)ive seen some ESP M-II with a black painted floyd rose...and some with a metallic silver...whats the difference? different model, just different colour or...?

    if i have any further questions i hope u can answer!

    excuse my english!

    thanks in advance

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